Comi-Conscience: 10 Reasons Why Comics are Your Post-Apocalyptic Survival Guide.

1. They answer the Questions


2. and question the Answers

mince words

2. They know basic economics


3.  And RealPolitik

wizard of id 2

4. They are a tracking device to your primal needsbeer rules i rule

5. and your primal fears


6. They  tell you how to cope with climate changeasterix alias

7. and acquaint you with the Uncannytintin

8. They train you in Precision of Purposesikari shambhu

9. and the value of the Multi-Purposebooks


10. So you have a Brand New World to read, re-read, un-read.we can never get enough




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Trivia: Did you know that there is an entire day dedicated to vinyl records? 12th August is celebrated as Vinyl Record Day. It is organized by the Vinyl Record Day Company – a not-for-profit organization dedicated to recognizing the preserving vinyl music, its culture, art and sound.